Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ia! Ia!

So while we're all waiting for me to sit down and write my next "Current Campaign" post, Part 2: Dakkan- detailing my Labyrinth Lord campaign (which just recently hit an all new level of AWESOME)- but I wanted to take a moment to say, despite my growing ambivalence towards 4e in general:


It was news to me when I found him under the Demogorgon entry. I don't know if I'd mentioned it much, but Lovecraft is Big Bonus Plus Good in my book, and Dagon and the Deep Ones are so dear to my slimy New England Coast heart that I even liked that Spanish Dagon movie that was released a while back with the naked chick with tentacles for legs.

I'm already considering using parts of the Cthulhu Mythos as the mad core of the "Chaos" pantheon in my Labyrinth Lord campaign, but now I kind of want my 4E campaign to go far enough to have the players travel to the underwater temple-complex of Dagon (and possibly Mother Hydra).

Anyways, yeah!

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  1. Deep ones rock! Those guys and ghouls are my Call of Cthulhu equivalent of rust monsters and green slime. :)